Dominator 20' sewer hose kit

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Valterra Dominator 20' Sewer Hose Kit

  • Valterra Dominator Sewer Hose Kit
  • 20' in Length
  • Holds shape in use and easily collapses to 39" 
  • Tough, Durable construction 
  • UV Stabilized
  • Pre-installed fittings ensure a leak proof system
  • Fittings rotate to prevent kinks and keep hose flat
  • Bayonet design for easy connections
  • Threaded sewer fitting with a standard bayonet end
  • Makes 6 different types of sewer connections with a gas tight fit 
  • Hose Support Not Included
  • Two 10' hoses with fittings
  • 23 MIL thickness 
  • 90 degree universal sewer adapter
  • Holds position for superior drainage
  • UV stabilized poly construction
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Flexible down to -20 Degrees


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Dominator 20' sewer hose kit
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  • In stock
  • 2-6 Business Days
$84.89 Excl. tax