Various Black Water Holding Tank 31 Gallons

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Black Waste Water Holding Tank

About this item:

This 31 Gallon Black Water Tank is to replace the OEM tank with your recreational vehicle and deliver peace of mind. The black water tank in the RV is a piece of equipment that’s vital to your enjoyment of the vehicle, as it collects and holds waste from the sewer system. A leak or rupture in this tank would be disastrous. But this tank is also something that quite a few RV owners forget about until they experience a problem. If you’re unsure of the age of your black water tank, it’s probably time to make a change before disaster strikes.This 31 gallon black water tank includes a 3 inch outlet tube, so you can empty the tank quickly when you reach a sewer station.

Product Information:

  • Brands: QAI (Ameri-Kart Corp) and EPI (Elkhart Products International) both available 
  • Capacity: up to 31 Gallons 
  • Condition: Factory Surplus, may have minor cosmetic blemishes
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Various Black Water Holding Tank  31 Gallons
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$140.00 Excl. tax