Roadmaster Rear Anti Sway Bar

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RoadMaster Rear Auxiliary Anti-Sway Bar for Ford F53

Minimize sway and driver fatigue by improving the stability and driveability of your vehicle. The bar on this sturdy, effective anti-sway system mounts to the rear axle and to the frame to balance weight transfer and reduce body roll.


  • Minimizes side-to-side movement to improve overall stability of your vehicle
    • Lets you execute turns and quick maneuvers with confidence
    • Allows for a level ride, even on irregular surfaces
    • Reduces driver fatigue - minimizes effort required to keep your vehicle in line
  • Diminishes effects of crosswinds, passing motorists and shifting cargo
  • Designed to fit your vehicle and work in conjunction with its suspension system
    • Attaches to rear axle and to chassis - uses weight of axle to brace frame as it shifts in turns
    • Engineered to avoid interference with most popular aftermarket add-ons and accessories
  • Made with polyurethane bushings instead of the standard rubber variety for a longer-lasting system
    • Polyurethane is durable and resistant to damage caused by oil, gasoline and ozone
    • Less wear means less give in the system and better support
  • Constructed of thick 4140 chromoly steel for superior strength
  • Includes heavy-gauge mounting hardware, easy-to-follow instructions and bushing lubricant
  • Made in the USA

Product Information:

  • Part # 1139-145
  • Material: Steel with Polyurethane Bushing
  • Bar diameter: 1-1/2"
  • Condition: New in box, Factory Surplus, may have minor cosmetic blemishes
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Roadmaster Rear Anti Sway Bar
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