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Frequently asked questions
  • 1. Inventory
  • 2. Payment
    • 2.1. How do I navigate through payment and shipping?
      • When checking out the item it gives you the option of either continuing as a guest or registering. Its up to you to choose which one you want. 

        Next is billing information, make sure you put in all of your information of the billing address make sure that the zip code is correct for your billing address. If your shipping address is different there is under the State/Province tab (ship to this address or Ship to different address) points you can click on to put in your separate shipping address.

        Shipping method is where you can choose between FedEx and USPS receiving and handling your packages its up to you on which one you want nether is good or bad its is just preference unless stated otherwise. 

        Then you can select on how you want to pay for your item, either by MasterCard/Visa/American Express/Discover Card / and/or PayPal, Local payment methods  

        Next there is on the left hand side down below the Discount code tab there is an option to subscribe to our newsletter, and/or which you need to click on the " I acknowledge that I have an obligation to pay for this item and agree with the general terms & conditions." Tab. 

        After clicking the tab hit the buy button it should say that the payment has gone through and an email will be sent showing the confirmation of payment and the order number. It may show up in your Spam mail so please if you don't see in a a couple of minutes check there.  

  • 3. Shipping
    • 3.1. How much is shipping?
      • It depends on length, width, height, and weight of the item/s and also location.

        You can determine how much it will be before purchasing the item/s. All prices vary. You can also cancel at anytime if you don't wish to purchase it.

    • 3.2. Do we ship to Canada and/or other countries?
      • Unfortunately we can't at this time.

        We have been trying to figure out how to ship to Canada and other countries, but for now you will have to call in to our store.

        If you need a particular item please call us and we can try to ship by FedEx International to get it to you. But be warned it can be expensive.

    • 3.3. What is In-Store Pick Up and why can't you ship it?
      • In-Store Pick Up-  

        You need to come in and pick up your item

        We either do not have the right permits to ship the item being a hazardous material such as our glue.

        The item is too large or fragile to ship.

        We do apologize for this inconvenience. But we want to insure that your item does go home with you in one piece and in working order.

  • 4. Website