TravlFi TravlFi™ Journey1 LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot Internet on the go

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TravlFi™ Journey1 LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot

Introducing the first WiFi 4G/LTE internet hotspot to combine e-SIM technology, huge data plans, and pay as you go internet service tailored to the RV consumer's needs.
The TravlFi™ Journey1 is a mobile hotspot that provides 4G/LTE internet service anywhere there is cellular signal. Proprietary technology gives the hotspot the ability to find the strongest local cellular signal regardless of the network. Without a physical SIM card, the Journey1 will prioritize to the best available cellular network, find service, and optimize. When the user moves locations, the hotspot finds new service and optimizes their connection again.


  • Security - Stay connected while avoiding public Wi-Fi connections with your own personal, private network small enough to fit in your pocket. 
  • Coverage - With coverage virtually anywhere in the U.S., you don’t have to sacrifice destination for network reliability. 
  • Large Data Plans  - No SIM needed! Choose from a wide variety of data plans from as little as 2 GB, all the way to the Unlimited option using e-SIM technology. 
  • Commitment Free - No contract, prepaid data plans. Prepay for a month at a time based on your usage and travel schedule. 
  • s-SIM Technology
    • e-SIM technology is embedded in the software on the Journey1, not on a SIM card.
    • e-SIM technology tells the device to change towers and find the best cellular signal possible, wherever you are.
    • The Journey1 will use data from multiple networks on the same device for one price!
    • Change data plans on the fly if your travel habits call for an upgrade.
    • Can be prioritized to utilize the best-known tower in the area.
    • If needed, tower connection can be changed manually by the contact center.


  • Product Name: Journey1
  • Size: 88 x 88 x 18mm
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Up to 5 devices can be connected at the same time.
  • Wi-Fi Network: Supports 802.11 a / b / g / n
  • Mobile Network: FDD-LTE: B1 / B2 / B3 / B4 / B5 / B7 / B8 / B12 / B17 / B20
  • TDD-LTE: B38 / B39 / B40 / B41
  • WCDMA: B1 / B2 / B4 / B5 / B8
  • Charging: USB Type-C
  • Battery Capacity: 3000mAh
  • Power Input: max DC5V, 2A
  • Condition: New, unopened, in original packaging
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TravlFi TravlFi™ Journey1 LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot Internet on the go
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$146.00 Excl. tax